Neil R. Thorne, Forester

Virginia & WV, RPF #772

132 Church Hill Lane

Strasburg, VA 22657

(540) 539-7303

DUNS # 079181501

Military Training Coordination

  • Multiple Private Training Sites and Facilities
  • Flexible Training Parameters
  • Landing Zone (AF IMT 3822 and AF IMT 4303) Sites
  • Drop Zone (AF IMT 3833) Sites
  • Military, Veteran, and Law Enforcement Trainers
  • Land Navigation Training and Ranges
  • Operational Planning Tools and Real World Scenarios
  • Small Unit Tactical Training (ARTEP 7-8)
  • Asymmetric Warfare Training
  • MOUT Capable Sites
  • Fieldcraft and Wilderness Survival Training
  • Simmunitions and Training Ordnance Licensed Trainers and Sites
  • Live Fire Sites

Veteran Assistance

We also donate thousands of hours to assist military veterans and their families in the recovery of lost and missing medals and awards through Members of Congress, Army Awards & Decorations Branch, and the Army Board of Corrections of Military Records.  Our specialty is declassified Special Operations actions, particular but not limited to, the Vietnam War.  We also assist in the coordination and planning of physical presentation of awards in a befitting and proper manner to the veteran and family.  This is a just and noble cause we strongly believe in, and are proud to be able to successfully provide this assistance to our nation's defenders.

“The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.”

-Calvin Coolidge