Providing over 20 years’ experience in Forestry and Natural Resources to landowners in the Shenandoah Valley and Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.   We believe in the scientific management and conservation of natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner for future generations while meeting your needs and goals of today. 

Neil R. Thorne, Forester

Virginia & WV, RPF #772

132 Church Hill Lane

Strasburg, VA 22657

(540) 539-7303

DUNS # 079181501


Forest Management and Stewardship Plans (FSP & FMP)

  • County Land Use Taxation plans
  • Forest management investment strategies
  • Includes Forestry/Timber Cruising
  • Actionable plans from scientifically collected measurements and sampling

Forestry/Timber Cruising

  • Scientifically and statistically accepted forestry methodology
  • Species, counts, volume, and value estimation
  • Forest growth capability and potential

Timber Sales Contract Preparation and Administration

  • Tailored individual contracts and terms to meet owner goals

Damage & Trespass Appraisals for Forest Litigation

  • Experienced expert witness

Best Management Practice (BMP) Forest Engineering and Access Design

  • Riparian buffers
  • Access and road placement
  • Runoff control
  • Road stabilization

Wildlife Habitat Design

  • Wildlife food plot design
  • Forest harvest design to benefit desired wildlife species

Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping

Member: Virginia Forestry Association, West Virginia Forestry Association